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Our catalog is a starting point for you to begin discovering the opportunities of doing business or visiting Ukraine. All services are provided by the skilled professionals so you do not need to find them by yourself, the best ones are already in our network.

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Legal services
We help you avoid getting into a mess. Or we get you out of it!
Registering companies
Legal due dilligence
Legal advice on business activities
Legal advice on any unexpected situations
Translation services
Business needs or just relaxing somewhere - bring a translator!
Personal translator
Simultaneous translation
Translation of documents, websites, cataloges, etc.
Nearshoring/Sourcing/Outsourcing services
We know how to make outsourcing work!
Web development
Software development
Mobile applications development
Saas and Cloud solutions development
MVPs and lean startup
QA engineering
UX/UI design
Product design
Logo creation
Social Media Design
Branding and rebranding
Accounting services
We`ll make sure you limit your financial pains.
Small business accounting services
Cost optimization
Management consulting
Doing serious business - let us help you do the smart choices!
Strategic advisory
Business expansion
Risk management
Market research and analytics
Feasibility study
Financial due dilligence
Impossible hiring: every professional you may need is here
We help you recruit - or hire short term.
Staff recruitment
Hourly services of professionals of different areas
Tailored hunt for just the competence you need!
Travel services
Let us know what you need and we take care of it for you!
Organization of business and personal trips
Ticket selection
Visa registration
Entertainment services
Want to get exceptional experience of day- and nightlife of the city? Contact us and we propose you activities that you`ll never forget!
Ticket selection for concerts, museums, galleries, theaters, etc
Organization of outdoor activities
Organization of activities within the hotel room
Organization of nightlife tour
Gastro fests
Composing a personal tour according to your interests
We provide GMs and players for board games and role playing games
We find events that ordinary people will never learn about
Security services
Secure your stay in an unfamiliar place.
Personal bodyguard
Security for any kind of events
Digital security while travelling